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enrolled member of Cherokee Nation, host of the Quietly Influential podcast, and a certified Quantum Human Design™ and Positive Intelligence™ (PQ) coach. Specializing in supporting introverted leaders, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, Guin leverages her extensive experience as an introverted leader in business and entrepreneurship to guide you on a transformative journey.

Discover how to harness your unique strengths, amplify your voice, and lead with confidence and authenticity. It's time to redefine leadership on your own terms.


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Did you know that introverted leaders who receive coaching are 68% more likely

to experience job satisfaction and report greater overall well-being?

Why You're Not Seeing Results

  • Lack of Self-Understanding: You're struggling to understand your unique strengths and how to leverage them effectively. This lack of self-awareness is hindering your ability to step into your power and lead with confidence.

  • Overwhelm and Burnout: You're trying to do it all - often masquerading as an extrovert - leading to overwhelm and burnout. This constant state of stress is preventing you from achieving your true potential and experiencing the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

  • Misalignment with Authentic Self: You're operating in a way that doesn't align with your true introverted nature, causing a disconnect between your actions and your authentic self. This misalignment is causing dissatisfaction and misundertanding, and it is hindering your success.

  • Sabotaging Beliefs and Behaviors: You're held back by limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are preventing you from achieving your goals. These internal barriers are keeping you stuck in a cycle of underperformance and frustration.

  • Lack of Effective Strategies and Tools: You're lacking the strategies, tools, and support needed to navigate your unique challenges as an introverted leader. This lack of resources is making it difficult for you to overcome obstacles and achieve your leadership goals.

what guin's clients are saying

I used to struggle with exactly the same thing.

When I contacted Guin, I was seeking coaching and guidance on how to handle conflict in a healthy way. Conflict was always something I deeply dreaded because I viewed it as personal failure, so I avoided it at all costs.

Before working with Guin, I dealt with conflict by withdrawing into myself for long periods of time, which only made conflicts worse. I realized that my approach was unhealthy and damaging to my relationships, so I wanted to improve this aspect of my inner life, but I didn’t know how to begin the necessary inner work.

Guin supported me over a four-and-a-half-month journey of self-discovery and inner growth where she helped me uncover many blind spots and limiting self-beliefs.

To my fellow introverts, if you are seeking to become empowered, then I highly recommend working with Guin to explore the parts of you that may be repressed in an extroverted world and uncover the hidden jewels in yourself that align with your introverted nature. I know that you will feel truly valued while in her presence!


Who's harnessing the power of

introverted leadership?

Of all my time invested in the area of personal development, Guin’s coaching was the most empowering I have ever had. She gave me insight into who I am and a vision of who I want to become. This has really changed my life, as well as the way I perceive myself and others. We have been trained to play small and rarely trust and believe in our potential; this is why it is so hard to achieve what we want in life. Guin taught how to play big and trust my intuition and helped me recognize my true potential. This resulted in my becoming more confident and trusting of myself. I came to see a new power that had been hidden inside me, and now recognize what is possible for me.

- Greta C

I want to thank Guin White who is a kick ass Coach! Super generous, very clear and absolutely inspiring. Guin took an overwhelming amount of information from my chart and gave me the gift of my path and confirmed being creative is essential to my path to happiness. I highly recommend her if you want to either start your Human Design journey or take that adventure to a whole new level. Damn impressive.

- Suzie R

Thank you for consulting with us on our individual and connection energetic blueprints. Amazing, mind-blowing, brain rattling stuff, so thank you for the deep, profound insight. Thanks to Guin, now that my partner and I know our designs, we are more trusting than ever to believe in ourselves, dream bigger, and GO FOR IT. So powerful. He accepted his first-ever work-travel assignment, and we leave this week so I am busy getting things packed. At this very moment, he is at the bank getting financed to buy a travel trailer for us to live in!! Can you say holy moly manifestation!

- Suzanna M

I've had the great pleasure of working with Guin. She is a sales and manifestation rockstar! I watched in amazement as she consistently excelled in helping us produce top results while delivering excellence in all aspects of our business. She's articulate, intelligent and a dedicated partner. She's a high-value asset to any organization looking to discover true greatness.

- Kathy K


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Quiet Leaders' Success Kit

My FREE Success Kit ($197 value) is a comprehensive, interactive guide designed specifically for highly driven introverted leaders. It's packed with valuable resources to help you overcome common challenges and unlock your unique potential.

Quantum Empowerment for Quiet Leaders

Your Blueprint to Empowerment: Uncovering, Building, and Igniting Your Unique Potential is all about gaining clarity and awareness of your unique blueprint for success, building a strong and authentic foundation, and igniting the potential for personal and professional empowerment.

Quiet Leaders' Quantum Leap Mastermind

Elevate your Positive Intelligence and create lasting change. Transform your personal and professional life with a 6-month commitment to growth and empowerment.

Quietly Persuasive: Transforming Introversion into Sales Success

Discover how to turn your introverted qualities into your biggest sales strengths. This program is tailored for leaders like you, focusing on authentic communication, building genuine relationships, and mastering personalized selling techniques that respect your introspective nature. Embark on a journey to redefine sales success, where your quiet confidence, authentic engagement and a thoughtful approach are not just welcomed, but celebrated.

Quantum Design for Your Business

The sruggle is over. Ease and flow abound! From your niche to your brand, to your signature offer, sales & marketing strategies and team members, you and I will collaborate to uncover and deeply understand what is aligned for you - what resonates and feels satisfying and successful - so that your business becomes an extension of you and so that you are able create, build and scale the business - and life - of your dreams.


Meet Guin

Guin White is a seasoned professional and Empowerment and Transformation Coach, specializing in supporting introverted leaders, particularly from underrepresented (BIPOC) backgrounds.

With a rich background in hospitality and entrepreneurship, and multiple certifications in Human Design and Positive Intelligence™ (PQ) Coaching, Guin brings a unique perspective to her work. As a co-founder of the AI Coach Connection, she is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into coaching practices.

Her approach to coaching echoes with the voices of her coaches and thought leaders including Susan Cain, Brene Brown, Baeth Davis, and Shirzad Chamine, making her a unique and compelling voice in the field of leadership coaching.

Guin is dedicated to empowering quiet leaders to harness their potential and make a lasting impact.

  • Certified Virtual Coach™, trained by Eben Pagan & Annie Lalla

  • Certified Evolutionary and Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, trained by
    Chetan Parkyn and Karen Curry Parker

  • Positive Intelligence™ (PQ) Coach, trained by Shirzad Chamine & Bill Carmody

  • Gene Keys Guide, trained by Richard Rudd

  • Brand, Marketing and Sales Expert with 20+ Years of Real-World Experience

  • Highly Awarded Business Professional & Entrepreneur Who's Generated $42MM+

  • Guin has been chosen as a Top Assertiveness Coach by the

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In a world that is constantly telling us to be more extroverted, it can be easy to forget the power of being an introvert.

In a world that values extroversion, it's easy to feel like you're not enough if you identify as an introvert.

Introverted leaders - particularly women - have a unique opportunity to lead the charge in creating a culture of DEIA in their organizations.

Unearth the secrets of your unique blueprint with "Designing Destiny." This immersive mini-course offers a foundational exploration into the transformative world of Human Design. Save $100: Use code Free4Introverts

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